Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Feature Book Review: Goldman Sachs: Culture of Success: Lisa Endlich ゴールドマン・サックス―世界最強の投資銀行 リサ エンドリック

There is always one firm at the top, and right now, it is Goldman Sachs. How do you get there? Is there a shortcut to success? Can a better competitor adapt and overtake it somehow or someway? If there is a way to dethrone the current king of investment banking, it will not be quick. Marcus Goldman, started the firm in 1869 and was joined by a relative Samuel Sachs, soon after in 1882. With more than 147+ years of experience behind them, it did not come quickly.

There is something different about Goldman bankers that is not shared with other firms. It is one of those things that is known, but never easy to explain. It is partly about a level of client connection and determination that is rewarded more often or more clearly than any rival in the industry. Transactions of note include the IPO of Ford Motor Company in 1956, Richard Branson's Virgin Music, and Ralph Lauren's Polo, all firms that were helped with various dealings.

The term "partner, as in a Goldman Sachs partner" is a rare thing today that is really the epitome of professional success. It is a badge of determination, dedication and wealth that no other investment bank in the world offers to as many as Goldman Sachs does today. In fact, it gives partnerships to any member in any branch anywhere in the world. It is not only for those who stay in New York City.

As an example of this new internationalism, top earners at a younger than expected age, were given partnership at overseas branches. Oki Matsumoto, worked for the Japan branch and was one of the very first partners to come the region. He represented what could happen to ambitious staffers in any branch on the globe. Back in 1998, when he was just 35, he made partner. The surprise is that he had joined the firm only 8 years before from Salomon Brothers Asia. 

Since then, many partners from Asia, and Japan and many other markets have all made it to becoming a partner. This firms pay like no other, and this book details so many of the people and the drive needed to make it to the very top. If you are a history buff and like finance, this book is for you. highly recommended. Highly Recommended!

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